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Don't Try To Look Away

It's got you!!!...

Artistic Endeavors Media


Your Mind Is Mine

A Video Horror Rock Opera

Your Mind Is Mine

Running Time (4:23)

Here we meet the Doctor for the first time...

Disappointing Results

Running Time (3:44)

Try... try again...

Testing Begins

Running Time (4:37)

Let's get started...

Schizoid Persona

Running Time (3:52)

The Doctor is troubled...

They're Coming to Take Me Away

Running Time (3:40)

It's time for the Doctor to get treatment...

Individual Video Section

Artistic Endeavors Media (Intro)

Running Time (0:54)

It's all in there... Beware!!!...

Everything's Fine

Running Time (3:56)

Just ignore it... Maybe you'll go away...

Horror Blues

Running Time (7:10)


Ride Free

Running Time (3:37)

It's time to RIDE!!!...

What Are You Lookin' At?

Running Time (3:47)

Did you see that!?!...

Seein' it in America

Running Time (6:34)

Take a look at Lady Liberty...

I Don't Know About You

Running Time (8:46)

I don't think so...

A Man and His Monster

Running Time (4:25)

Non-Toxic Medical Waste Taste Test...

Get Over It!

Running Time (4:45)

Headbanging is not a crime...


Running Time (5:33)

Don't be afraid...

A Spaceship Fit For Aliens

Running Time (4:46)

Powered by DNA...

Acoustic Acid Jam (Psy-coustic Groove)

Running Time (8:19)

Bonfire song...

The Fire Inside

Running Time (5:08)

Feel the need to mosh!!!...

Gary & Jeff Jam

Running Time (4:55)

Travelling the corridors of power...


Running Time (6:40)


;{] Live

Running Time (6:40)

How da' "Sheesh!" is done...

When We Were Young

Running Time (5:10)

Good times...

Song 126 - Some Kind of Interlude

Running Time (4:01)

Quiet reflection...

Kiss Me You Fool

Running Time (4:16)

Serial Stalker...

Joy Song

Running Time (2:57)

Ease your pain...

Free Jam (Only For My Facebook Friends)

Running Time (8:11)

Freeform jammin'...

You're a Liar

Running Time (6:43)

Baby... You're a Liar!!!...

Stay tuned for future projects...

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